Monday, March 10, 2008


I interviewed last week for a job as director of a non-profit organization in my city. I have always been skeptical of non-profits, but this one is really one that I can believe in. The name of it is Contact, and it is associated with the national organization Contact USA.

Contact is a volunteer based 24/7 helpline for people to be able to call in and let their voices be heard. The majority of callers will be those who are suffering from depression, suicidal, or just loneliness. It is really an awesome organization, but the word needs to get out there about it. To few people know about it.

Anyways, the day after my interview I was called and informed that I got the position. So now I am the youngest guy in the room at both of my new jobs, but considered the leader. So I am very excited about the future, and yet nervous because I feel somewhat inadequate in both realms.

It's Official, I Am Now A Rev.

Yesterday marked a new journey in my life. As most of you know, three weeks ago I was officially asked to be the pastor at a church in my area. I accepted their invite, and have been serving there since. However, according to my denomination I could not play certain roles in the church, because I had not yet been ordained.

I have never understood ordination, because the only thing that takes place in one that is biblical in nature, is the laying on of hands. However, once I experienced it for myself yesterday, I totally respect the nature in which it is done, and have a better understanding of the reasons behind it.

I really enjoyed the experience, because represented at the ordination, were many men whom have spoken into my life and who I have the upmost respect for. I had the chance to pick the music, and normally they play old church hymns and such, but I asked a good friend of mine to sing a song called 'God of Justice'. The reason for that song choice, is it speaks volumes to what I picture ministry and the church being about. So if you haven't heard it go over to ITunes and check it out.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.