Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paranoia ?

I am a people watcher, and could be accused of being an eves dropper at times because I sometimes tune in to others conversations when I am sitting around large groups of people. Anyways, I have noticed an ongoing conversation among many Christians as of late. This conversation involves a lot of worry, speculation, and unsettling wonder. To put it simply, Christians seem to be quite paranoid. I find myself in this boat more than I would like, but it seems like mine is very minute in comparison to many that I have encountered lately. I am currently tuning into a conversation that I would like to jump into and say, "hey stop worrying, and stop using spiritual verbiage so loosely."
Why do we spend so much of our time worrying about things? Didn't Jesus command us to not worry? We need to have faith and rely on the hope that we have in Jesus. This may not make sense to anyone else, it is just some ramblings on a conversation that seems to be going on all around me.

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