Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Reflections

I am going to keep this short. Yesterday was obviously a great day for the following reasons:
  • The people of Idlewild gathered together and worshiped God (a wonderful service: Sunday School, music was great, and the presentation of honoring the mothers was beautiful)
  • It was Mother's Day (shame on you if you forgot)
  • We began our Tough Questions series, addressing the first question: What Is Church Discipline, and What Is It's Role In The Church Today?
  • It was mine & Allyssa's 6th year wedding anniversary
  • As a result of a young man getting saved on Easter, I am going to be baptizing him next Sunday (I warned him it was my first, so he should bring his flippers)
  • Ate a delicious meal prepared by my sisters for our mother
  • Allyssa was so kind to spend the afternoon watching me play golf (I shot my all time best...85. Allyssa, being the honest person she is, would not allow me to cheat, so it is an honest score)
Overall, it was a fantastic Sunday. It was a tough sermon, but I pray that God continues to work in the hearts of the hearers and their pastor. Most importantly, my hope is that God was glorified in our lives yesterday.

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