Saturday, October 13, 2007

Full-time Ministry and Selling Tires

This morning, I got up early to go and get a new set of tires put on my car. I arrived at a tire store called, "One Way". I was curious of the name of the store, because I wondered what that had to do with tires. As drove into the parking lot, I noticed the sign that hung above the door. It had the name of course, but then below the name there were a couple of passages of Scriptures listed. I was now even more curious, that was until I was greeted by a middle-aged man at the door and he asked me if I new Jesus. His first question was not what kind of tires do you need, but he was more interested in my life. I told him I did and that I was pursuing ministry.

As I sat there waiting for my tires to be changed, I began to notice little verses displayed throughout the showroom. It was at this point that I began to rethink what I have always been taught about full-time ministry. You know, go to seminary to be a pastor, missionary, counselor, etc. Then I realized that we, those of us who choose to follow Christ, are all called into full-time ministry. Here is a man who sells tires and rims for a living, but he is much more concerned with his customers life than he is about selling a set of tires.

What would this world look like if all those who follow Christ developed this understanding? What if everyone from a doctor to a waitress would look at their jobs in this light? There would be a profound change in how people perceive us Christians, and maybe we would truly be able to make a difference. Can you imagine if the next time you visited a seminary, there would be a class entitled, "Sales Evangelism"? What would your reaction be?

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