Friday, October 5, 2007

A Must Read!

I just finished a book, that I wished I would have read a year ago before I actually started preaching. Andy Stanley, in my opinion, is one of the top five communicators in the nation, and he definitely does not disappoint with this book. Communicating for a Change, is a must read for any preacher, teacher, or any other communicator. The authors present a simplistic approach to the preparation process, which then changes and improves the delivery of the communicators talk. It is a small book, only 190 pages, but full of wisdom, so much so you can't put it down. I took about 15 pages of notes in my journal, and that was just hitting the main points, along with some thoughts of my own. The basic gist of the book, is pick one main point and build everything else around that point, and to set as your goal, life change. Incredible book, one that was like hitting a gold mine for me.

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