Saturday, October 6, 2007

Old vs New

Today, I had the opportunity to hang out with several men from four different churches. The church I attend was the only one present that I would say has progressed from the old tradition to the new tradition. What I mean by this is simply the other three churches are still in the frame of mind where you have no organization whatsoever, and you allow the Holy Spirit to control what happens. On the other side you have our church that is organized down to the "t". Everything is scheduled, and there is never anyone standing around wondering what will happen next. So it was a little uncomfortable for me, because I like to know what is going on, and what is about to happen next.

The thing that I have been contemplating is should there be a balance and is either one right or wrong? The preaching was of the old fashion style, and I wasn't sure where the preacher was going with his message. I think I was the only one there that was a little confused, because everyone else was crying and shouting, and I was just standing there silent. It made me feel as though I just missed something. The text that was used didn't really make since to me, with the message that followed. The preacher seemed to be all over the page, talking about several different topics, and if I can be honest, I was totally lost.

After all of this, the one thing that moved me was the passion that some of the men expressed. My point here is, the old tradition style seems to be somewhat outdated for the majority of listeners, but the new tradition needs to take something from this old tradition, passion. It is important for us to find new innovated ways to engage our audience, but we must stay true to the Gospel and truly be compassionate about what we are doing.

My question still remains, which tradition is most relevant in todays culture, the old tradition or the new tradition?

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