Friday, September 5, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Christ died, not that we may be able to form a holy nature in ourselves, but that we might receive one already prepared and formed in Christ for us, by union and fellowship with him."
-Walter Marshall


jeleasure said...

Hi Scott,
That is a rather difficult statement for me to come to grips with.
The fact is, it is true. We can do no more than be holy as He is holy. For God said, "Be holy as I AM HOLY". Our standard of living must match what He has already set down for us. If we make attempts to emulate Christ and pursue His agenda in life, then we are on our way.

preacherman said...

Thank you Scott for sharing this quote with us.
I hope you and your mother are feeling better.
You are in my prayers.
I hope you have a great Sunday!