Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Desiring God Conference 2008

I am so excited that I can't possibly wait until September 26th. Along with my worship leader, John Burroughs, I am going to be getting on a plane and heading to Minneapolis, MN to a conference that I have always wished to go to. The Power of Words and the Wonder of God Conference is one of the many annual conferences that John Piper's ministry, Desiring God puts on.

I am excited to get to hear from many ministers and Christian leaders that I have long looked up to and have gleaned so much wisdom from. The line-up for this years conference is: John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Bob Kauflin, Sinclair Ferguson, Paul David Tripp, and Daniel Taylor. I am getting excited as I write this. I am not that familiar with Daniel Taylor, but it appears that he is the master of storytelling.

If you have the opportunity go over to the Desiring God website and check it out. It is going to be such a great time, and I am sure that I will be confronted with sin in my life and areas in my ministry where I need to improve. I am looking forward to both, due to the deep desire I have for personal growth as the pastor of a church, as a husband, and as a child of God. This is sure to be a time of great fellowship for John and I, but also a time for great spiritual growth in my own Christian life. Please be in prayer for our safety, as well as that we will be alert to the Savior's voice calling out to our souls for a closer relationship with the Father. May I become more satisfied with God, so that in turn, He will be most glorified with me.


preacherman said...

Sounds great Scott.
Thanks for the info and this post!
Hope you have a great week brother.

Christiandaddyof3 said...

My Brotha! I am so eagerly awaiting this conference! I have read these guys and heard them speak on Youtube, etc. but I can not imagine the magnitude of the education that will stem from this conference. I hope that God takes pleasure in my desire to grow, seek pleasure, and be ultimately 'most satisfied in Him' through attending this event. Most of all, I am excited about bringing home the importance of words and sharing the relationship between words and the power of God! BTW, nice blog!