Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Yesterday, our church joined together with about six other churches to put on an event for outdoors enthusiast. My dad has been putting this event on now for six years, and this years was the best. There were about 900 people who came out to join in on the festivities, as well as to hear the gospel. The cool thing was that 80% of these guys would never step foot inside of a church, so we bring the church to them. At the end of the event before the door prizes are given out, there is a service where the gospel is presented by a well-known sportsman who happens to be a Christian. At the end of the event 54 people decided to follow Christ, and 20 0thers felt the need to recommit their lives to following Christ. It was awesome to see the power of God at work in our community. This was an awesome way to begin the weekend.

Today was an awesome day at church. We had a wonderful time of worship in the morning service. Johnny B did a tremendous job leading us in praise and worship, in preparation for what God was going to reveal to us through the teaching of His Word. We finished our study on the Lord's Prayer, ending with learning how to defeat temptation and the importance of submitting our lives totally to God. Then we ended with exalting God who is powerful and deserves all the glory forever and ever. It was a great service and I really felt like God was at work in everything that took place.

Tonight I was involved in my first church budget meeting. We have been praying that God would direct us according to His will for our church in regards to how we will spend the money that has been given to accomplish the mission He has called us to. Much to my surprise it was a pleasant and encouraging experience. I have heard a lot of stories from other pastors that had different outcomes, but I am so proud of my congregation for having proposed a budget that is definitely based upon faith and not on what we think we can accomplish. I am looking forward to see how God blesses the obedience of our church, and seeing Him glorified in our obedience to His mission for our church. We are going to be pursuing more opportunities to reach out into our community and serve those around us. I am absolutely excited about what God has in store for our church in this upcoming year.

All in all this has been an absolutely wonderful weekend. I can say that even though I personally struggled with having faith in what God can do through His people, I am absolutely in awe of how faithful He is. I pray that He has been glorified with all that has taken place in my life this weekend, and He deserves the honor for it all.


preacherman said...

Thank you for sharing this with us.
Great post yet again brother.
I hope you have a blessed week!

Christiandaddyof3 said...

Yep. That meeting was a testimony to just how smoothly things can go when we submit ourselves to God and to our mission to subordinate our actions to His will by loving Him, loving one another, and sharing this with the community! When we get church traditions, routines, and religion out of the way, seek His love more, and trust the leadership God has put in place, things apparently work more smoothly. Don't confuse what I'm saying with "health and wealth" gospel. I'm not saying that. But I am very excited about what appears to be progress.....

While I do not believe that seeking God's will necessarily brings earthly blessings, I do feel that seeking His will and following His Word gives us new perspective. Even hardships stemming from being a follower of Christ no longer feel as tough since the shift of focus is off me and onto my Savior.

I'm glad you shared this post!