Monday, September 17, 2007

Faith and Politics

In this upcoming election year, there seems to be something in the water all around the country, especially in Washington. It would seem that everyone in this election seems to have all of a sudden found religion or faith. This has been a huge topic on both sides of isle in all of the debates thus far. CNN has also had several different specials along with organizations such as Sojouners on the topic. It seems to be the new accessory for presidential candidates. My primary question is, WHY?

Don't get me wrong, I am not against politicians or anyone for that matter, who claim a specific faith. But what seems troubling to me, is this sense of claiming faith only when it will benefit you. Consistency and motive is what is in question here. I have issue with those who try to use religion or a specific faith to benefit a particular goal they are trying to achieve. This goes not only for politicians, but for pastors, lay people, and Christians also.

Jesus was pretty specific in his teaching about what our motivation should be, and that is loving God and loving people. If you take a look at those Christians that are getting wrapped up in politics, there seems to be a lack of love in their motives and actions. My next question would be, why does it seem that Christians seem to identify with a particular political party? The next question would be, why are the only issues that Christians seem to promote abortion and marriage between homosexuals? What about other important issues such as poverty, healthcare, taking care of God's creation, and things along this line? In reading the Bible, all these issues seem to hold the same importance to God. So why do we choose only a couple to highlight?

Getting back to faith, how are people going to choose a candidate in this election, when all the the candidates seem to claim to believe and follow God? So what are we to do? Should Christians really focus so much attention on politics and disregard our primary reason for being on this earth? I don't think so. I believe the Church should start taking care of all the issues at hand on their level, and vote for those politicians that will help them do so, whether they are on the right or left. I feel as though we should stop worrying so much about Washington DC, and start taking care of those around us and pray for those in DC. We need to stop backing a particular party, and begin living out the great commission. This is why we were created and why we became Christians. I would love to hear some feedback, and get others opinions on this topic.

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trent said...

Scott, great post. I didn't know you had a blog until today. Good stuff. As far as politics goes I am feeling similar. Politics and Jesus don't mix...they didn't when he was around either and your point about poverty is huge. If you look at the bible Jesus is talking about the poor, the meek, the least of us but in America we spend all our time aruging for Homosexual marriage and abortion. How much time did Jesus spend condeming Homosexuals? Answer: NONE. Yes, we need to pray for our politicians. Trying to be spiritual or Christian by voting for a politician who claims to know God is just asking to be let down. The Church has allowed itself to be hijacked recently and needs to get back to caring for peoples souls and hearts not their politics. Well written post. keep it up.