Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lifting The Veil: CNN Special

My wife and I watched the new CNN special entitled, 'Lifting the Veil' last night. It is a short documentary on how the Afghan women are being treated since the Taliban were forced out of power in Afghanistan. I was impressed at how the documentary was not just one sided, but revealed to the audience both sides of the issue. There is still a lot of mistreatment of the women in this country, but there are signs of improvement, especially with the next generation of girls.

I was personally touched mostly, at how many of these younger girls seem to look past all the hostility and see some form of future for themselves. There have been schools formed specifically for the girls, but in some cases there have been schools started that both male and females can attend. To us Westerners, this may seem normal, but to the people of Afghanistan is a sign of progress. They interviewed a few of the teachers and administrators at these schools, and the biggest hurdle they now face is funding. Apparently, they were promised funding after the Taliban were removed, but they haven't seen it thus far. I am curious to see how we can help. I plan to begin to do some research on this issue, to see if there are any organizations already set in place to help this cause. If anyone has any information I would appreciate the help.

I feel that as Christians we are instructed by Jesus to love our neighbors, and I think that means not only our direct neighbors but those abroad as well. I know that we can't change the world altogether, but I am convinced more and more that it is our duty to try. Let's at least be in prayer for those who are struggling worldwide, and ask God to reveal to us what we can do to help.

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