Friday, September 28, 2007

Great Concert Tonight!

Allyssa and I made the trip tonight to Knoxville, to see Toby Mac, Barlow Girl, and Thousand Foot Crutch. I love Barlow Girl. Their music is actually really good, their musicianship is incredible, and their testimonies are pure and in my opinion holy. When they share their commitment to God during their concerts, which is every time, it brings me to tears. They seem to be so genuine and really seem to love the Lord.

As far as the other two, I wasn't that into Thousand Foot Crutch. I mean they rocked the house, but their wasn't that sense of worship, which is what I intend to feel at any Christian concert, and most of the times I walk away not feeling that at all. Toby Mac just blows me away. Here you have a 44 year old man, who can still do back flips and dance like no other white boy I know. The man is talented in what he does, and I give him props.

All in all it was really just a time for me and my wife to get out and cut loose. I don't listen to any of these groups on a daily basis, I'm more into other styles, but it was good just to go and have fun with Allyssa. I love to see her have a good time and smile, and that she did. She no longer has a voice as a result. I would recommend checking out Barlow Girl, regardless if you care for the whole Christian music world, because they really bring good and real lyrics to the table, with some really awesome musicianship, especially the drummer. For a girl, she can really hold her on up there...just kidding, she really is very talented. Check them out.

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